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Outdoor Activities with French Locals

A gem in Europe

Oh, France. Everyone has heard about it, everyone knows about it, and everyone, at some point in their lives has dreamed about going there. And why wouldn't they? France has managed to create a unique identity that has made it famous throughout the entire world. Everyone loves at least something about this country. Some adore its characteristic cuisine, praised as one of the best in the world; others love its history, its culture, its language, its literature, its landscapes, its food and drinks, and so on. Do you like art museums? France has those. Do you like cuisine? France has it as well. Do you like big cities, buzzling in activity day and night, with lots of places and people to meet and things to see? Or would you rather spend some time in the quiet countryside, in a small village, with vineyards spreading left and right and all the way into the horizon? Well, guess what; either way, France has that too.

This is one of those countries you just cannot skip. Its contribution to our culture is undeniable, from its central role in Western history, to its importance today as a centre of arts, fashion and global trends. You have to go there, at least once in your life. A true French experience cannot be described or explained, it has to be felt. You have to be there. You have to go to France.

Outdoor France

Visiting places like French restaurants, the Louvre and other places of the like is certainly a great idea, but here between us, most of the real France is going outside right now. Outdoor walks and activities are one of the best ways to enjoy this country. Not only are most of its most widely known landmarks outdoors, like the Eiffel tower, Les Champs Elysees and the Arch of Triumph, but also, France has so much more to offer than what it seems.

From old castles and amazing medieval architecture to the poetic countryside, from astounding natural wonders like tall mountains and deep gorges to secret alleys only locals know about, where you can visit shops, bistros and hidden venues. If you check any top things to do in France list, you will find mostly outdoor activities

Now, how can you know which are the best activities you can try? Maybe you don't like to be walked around in a group of strangers with some tourist guide that explains stuff about the landmarks you're seeing. Maybe you want to find out about the hidden wonders and points of interest in the place you are visiting. Maybe you want something different than what most tourists see and do. If that is the case, we have a great suggestion for your trip to France.

Pro tip: check Guest in the City

If you want to live the real French experience outdoors, then Guest in the City is a great website that you have to check out. In case you haven't heard of it yet, Guest in the City puts tourists and travelers in contact with local, non-professional French hosts and guides. In other words, instead of a tourist guide, you get to talk to French locals and arrange activities, accommodation and/or meals with them. What is great about this is that you can really get in touch with the French everyday reality, and get off the beaten track, seeing places that often remain secret to all the other tourists. After all, nobody knows your own city or village the way you do, right?

Guest in the City allows travelers to see a list of hosts by region, read reviews about each one of them, and arrange meetings with them in France. If you check their website you will see lots of outdoor activities like sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding, trekking and city tours all guided by locals. Many of them speak English, and you can check that before booking. For a fee much lower than usual, you can book amazing activities in France that you will never forget.

Guest in the City also gets you in contact with local, skilled cooks that offer real French meals, in cozy French homes, for a fraction of its price at a restaurant or hotel. You can even book accommodation in a French home, so you have the privilege to see everyday French life from a close distance and even interact with locals, share experiences and learn new things about their country and their culture. With Guest in the City, you can have the best experience in France!

Finally, you can click here to check outdoor activities that exist outside France. But remember, when it comes to seas, gorgeous lakes, Mediterranean beaches, forests, vineyards, rolling hills, and the highest mountains in Europe, France has it all!