Adventure / Extreme Sports

Also referred to as action sports or extreme sports, adventure sports are games and activities that involve a lot of risks. The risks are often perceived from the speeds involved, heights, and other dangers the participants are susceptible to. Perhaps the best term to use is ‘extreme sports’ as it meets the commonly agreed threshold.

For a sport to fall under this category, the activity should be sporting, with participants having some skills and abilities that help them do their thing. The second requirement is that there should be a grave outcome when the players don’t get their execution right.

Types of Extreme Sports

Adventure sports can be categorised into two; extreme vehicle sports and extreme non-vehicle sports. The difference here is self-explanatory – the former use either motorised or non-motorised platforms while the latter has no vehicular platforms whatsoever.

When it comes to extreme vehicle sports, there are two subtypes – gliders and rollers. Surfing, sailing, skiing, and parachuting are among the gliding extreme vehicle sports. As for the rollers, examples include Motorcross, skateboarding, BMX racing, mountain boarding, and freestyle scootering among others.

As for extreme non-vehicle sports, no vehicles are involved as mention earlier. Instead, there are some equipment and gear, and sometimes infrastructure to host the sport. Here, the most popular examples include ice climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, bungee jumping, canyoning, parkour, and skydiving, just to mention a few.

By nature, extreme sports are dangerous, but then, this is what gives it the adrenaline. While many think extreme sports should be banned, they are here to stay. Extreme sports have become a marketing epicentre attracting the likes of GoPro, and Red Bull, among others.

Well, banning such an industry doesn’t seem to be a great idea. Instead, everyone needs to be aware that extreme sports are dangerous, and should be engaged in the right areas, using the right gear, and under the appropriate guidance.