Best Adventure Sports for Hydrophiles

When talking about adventure sports, most people picture the ground sports in the forests, on beaches, and other terrains. Did you know that there are many water adventure sports? Below are five popular adventure sports for hydrophiles.


Also known as boogie boarding, the joy of bodyboarding is riding the board on the face, crest or curl of waves. It’s similar to surfboarding, but here, you lie on the board. A common variant of bodyboarding is bodysurfing, and here, you are using your body to surf the wave!

Rafting and Canoeing

With rafting, you can simulate an emergency on the river in an inflatable raft with gushing waters, and rapids throwing you off balance. On the other hand, canoeing is a water sport where participants compete in canoes, and kayaks depending on the competition. Rafting and canoeing both put teamwork and hard work to the test.


As simple as it may look, there are different diving activities to participate in. You can choose cliff diving, and this involves diving from a cliff. Freediving is another example of a diving sport, and here, the objective is to dive the deepest or stay in the water for the longest time without any breathing apparatus.


This is an awesome sport if you have a speedboat. Participants are towed at high speeds while strapped to the wakeboard, just like in snowboarding. There are lots of tricks to try out, including air jumps, and breathtaking flips.

Shark Diving

This is among the most extreme sports and involves scuba diving in wild shark-infested waters. While there is a steel cage protecting you, it still isn’t a game for the faint-hearted. There is also cage-free shark diving, but here, you come face to face with non-predatory sharks.

The above are some of the best adventure sports for water lovers. Others include surfing, cavern diving, deep water soloing, and jet skiing, etc.