Essential Mountain Climbing Gear

Are you planning for a mountain climbing adventure? Once you have found the right place to go for the adventure, and the right company, you need to consider the gear you will need. In this article, we have shared three important gear every mountain climber should have.

Mountaineering Equipment

Depending on the level of mountaineering you are into, there is certain important equipment. A backpack will first be an important asset to keep the small stuff. You will also need locking carabiners, ropes, crampons, pulleys, rappel devices, harness, and camping equipment if you will be spending the night.

What to Wear

Its not just about the equipment; you also need to be in the right mountaineering clothing. If you are going on a snowy mountain, dress in warm clothing – mountaineering jackets and waterproof trousers. Also, tag along with a helmet, snow goggles, gloves, and most importantly, mountaineering boots. Above all, make sure all the clothing and gear are comfortable on you before setting out.


When it comes to gadgets, you will, of course, need a GPS and an altimeter watch. But it’s a clever idea to carry your smartphone only and exploit its versatility. There are android and iOS apps like GPS trackers and altimeter apps among others. Your smartphone will also function as a flashlight and later in the night; you can catch up with the latest news, or even play casino games and enjoy bonuses from netent among other great offers. A smartphone will also keep you in constant communication.

There you have it, folks, three essential gear to always have when going for mountain climbing. Don’t forget to carry your water and a first aid kit just in case. Another thing, go out in groups, never try to go for mountain climbing or any other adventure activity alone.