How to Manage Hiking Fatigue

You will agree with me that mountain climbing is a taxing adventure sport. Getting to the top is not a walk in the park, especially the fatigue involved. Below are tips that can help you manage the fatigue and muscle strain during your next mountaineering adventure.

Proper Diet

Prepare your body for the hike by eating a proper diet. This is to ensure your muscles are in good condition and ready to power your journey to the top. You can consider carrying energy and protein bars to help you get the energy to push through. And it’s not just about the foods, plenty of water is also important to keep you hydrated. Water is also a lubricant that helps muscles glide gently on each other.

Get Your Form

Before setting out on the final day, make sure to get your form by exercising to get your muscles and body warmed up. During this phase, try to stretch and try to get some gas with jogging. During the hike, try to walk in shorter strides and always have control of your pace.

After the hike, take some rest and let the muscles relax and recover. You will also need to relax, perhaps playing one of the adventure games on netent casinos, or whatever it is you like doing as a pastime.


Are you in the right gear? Don’t punish yourself with sneakers, go for the real hiking boots. Going on a hike with the wrong footwear can throw your gait and posture off, and that’s a problem. Compression pants can also prove to be a great deal in ensuring proper blood flow to your legs. Also, consider maintaining light equipment so your backpack doesn’t become so heavy.

While mountaineering is a physical activity, it doesn’t have to be very taxing. The above tips will help you manage the fatigue during the adventure and after.