Rat Race Coast To Coast Adventure Race Stages

You will agree with me that the Rat Race Coast To Coast Adventure Race is among the best adventure sports events in entire Europe. Participants run, bike and kayak over the picturesque 105 miles in the Scottish Highlands. Here are the six stages of the competition.

Stage 1 – 11km Trail Run

This is the easiest stage and stretches from Nairn to Cawdor Castle. The 11 km trail is not friendly at all and consists of majorly single-track paths, so getting to the front early is important.

Stage 2 – 70km Road Cycle

The second stage is a 70km ride along the Loch Ness with 63km of the track being uphill battles with the stretch between 59km to 63km particularly steep. In Stage 2, weather plays a key factor, especially the headwinds.

Stage 3 – 500m Kayak

This stage isn’t compulsory so if you have some muscle, try the out-and-back paddle along Loch Ness as you harness energy for the next stage.

Stage 4 – 50km Mixed Terrain Cycle

Stage 2 was a smooth ride, but Stage 4 takes you down treacherous mixed terrain. The first 33km stretch is purely offroad and is characterised by steep climbs and descents, and gravel paths. The last bit is, however smooth as you race to Fort William.

Stage 5 – 22km Trail Run

This is the breakpoint, and the first hurdle is the 6.5km climb from Fort William up to the Highlands. The next 10km stretch has to be covered running on the unforgiving terrain, before a 2km climb on rough terrains. Afterwards, you have to descend.

Stage 6 – 1.6km Kayak

On a calm day, this isn’t a challenge as you paddle your way to the finish line. But if lady luck isn’t on your side, and the weather is rough, you have one hell of a day challenging the winds, in the chilling breeze.